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About Me

I’m Laura, I’m a wife and mummy to two gorgeous daughters. Away from being a wife and mummy, I like to craft, knit, crochet and bake and if I am really lucky get a walk out in the countryside on a weekend.


My eldest was born at the beginning of a pandemic, remember that thing called COVID-19? Which brought its challenges, lockdowns, online baby classes, etc. However, it did allow more family time due to my husband's working arrangements at the time. I returned to work not long after the Christmas lockdown feeling that I had missed out on so much of ‘normal’ maternity leave.

Laura Baby Massage Leeds
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I was determined with our youngest to attend the sensory and baby massage classes which were available to us, and we did much to our youngest's enjoyment and the memories of her facial expressions will stay with me forever (as will the 6 poo’s she did in one baby massage class when I forgot nappies). 


After a wonderful nine months I was contemplating returning to work, but what impact would it have on me being away from the girls, would it work for us as a family unit, did I have other options available to me? I had just come round to the idea of returning to my former role prior to maternity leave and then…


Redundancy, completely out of the blue, the decision was taken out of my hands. After plenty of mulling and talking it over, a few sessions of hypnotherapy, I was prepared for a new chapter doing something that I had a passion for and that would bring enjoyment to other mothers just as I had experienced. 


Baby Lemonade Massage was born, “when life gives you lemons, make (Baby) lemonade”.


Kat & Theadora

"Thank you Baby Lemonade! Its been our first full class and a great introduction - chilled and relaxed (with biscuits!).”
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