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Welcome to Baby Lemonade Massage

Delight in the joys of bonding with your little one through gentle touch and soothing massage techniques. You will be guided through the art of baby massage, fostering a deeper connection and promoting relaxation for both you and your baby. Join our nurturing mummy community (your “mummy tribe”) and embark on a beautiful journey of love and tenderness with your little bundle of joy. I offer courses in and around Leeds in; Wetherby, Headingley, Moortown and Pudsey, so find a baby massage course near you now and experience the magical benefits of baby massage.

Baby Massage Class in Leeds
Baby Massage Class Leeds Doll

Relax & Sing Baby Massage Course

Come and join my Relax and Sing Baby Massage Course! This nurturing and engaging program is designed to strengthen the bond between you and your baby whilst promoting relaxation and wellness. Each week, you will learn gentle massage techniques that soothe and comfort your baby. Alongside the massage, I will also incorporate musical elements to create a delightful sensory experience for both you and your baby. As a certified Relax & Sing baby massage instructor, I will guide you through this enchanting journey, providing a supportive and friendly environment for you to connect with your baby and with other parents. Join me for this beautiful course and discover the joy of bonding with your baby through touch and song.

A Little About Me

Congratulations on being a parent to a wonderful, beautiful baby! As the mother of two girls, I understand the importance of nurturing and connecting with your baby. Baby massage was an incredibly meaningful part of my daily routine with both my girls. I still remember their eyes lighting up with joy during each massage and it was for this reason that I started Baby Lemonade to share the same experience with you. As a mother I understand that this is a new wonderful journey of discovery for both you and baby. My sessions therefore provide a supportive space for you to share your experiences with other parents.

Baby Massage Class Teacher and Doll Leeds


Kat & Theadora

"Thank you Baby Lemonade! Its been our first full class and a great introduction - chilled and relaxed (with biscuits!).”
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